How To Hypnotize Myself To Lose Weight

Want to know how to hypnotize yourself to lose weight? Hypnosis combines deep relaxation with visualization to reach a desired outcome. Self  hypnosis to lose weight involves focusing on the goal of becoming thinner and concentrating on it.

  1. Lie Down. Find a bed or a couch to lay down on and get comfortable. Take off shoes or and dress in comfortable clothing.
  2. Relax. Take deep breaths and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling air. Concentrate on breathing and forget about any negative thoughts or feelings. Allow your whole body to relax by picturing a bright light over your head and slowly spreading over each body part.
  3. Concentrate. Focus on losing weight by picturing a thinner body. Concentrate on the successful steps that led to weight loss.
  4. Awake. Use positive self talk and focus on waking up refreshed. Make sure the goal is still in focus and all negative feelings regarding weight loss are abolished.
  5. Write. Jot down a detailed account of feelings, thoughts and goals. Keep this in mind and look back at it the moment negative thoughts about weight loss begin to enter the mind.

Men wondering how to hypnotize themselves to lose weight can follow self hypnosis strategies. By completing steps to relax, concentrate and focus on weight loss,  you will be able to visualize their goal and follow the steps necessary to make the goal a reality. While proper diet and exercise are essential keys to lose weight, it is important to believe that weight loss is achievable. Self hypnosis can eliminate any negative thoughts.

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