How To Hypnotize Someone

Learning how to hypnotize someone is fun. By following these directions, you can learn to get a willing subject to do only things they really want to do, like studying instead of watching TV. Hypnosis is not mind control. To hypnotize someone, you need to get him into a very relaxed state so he becomes suggestible. Of course, you need more training to become a true hypnotist through taking classes, hundreds of hours of practice and getting certified. In the meantime, here are some steps to learn how to hypnotize someone just for fun.

Things you'll need:

  • Willing subject
  1. Get the subject to agree to become hypnotized. Get the person to agree to cooperate and make sure you both agree on the purpose of the hypnotism will be. Have him sit or lay back on a comfortable chair or lounger. Have him wear something very comfortable, so he won't be distracted by tight, restrictive clothing.
  2. Speak to your subject in a very calm, relaxed voice. Tell him he is becoming very relaxed. Tell him he's doing fine. Tell him he will be drifting into very deep state of relaxation, deeper than ever before.
  3. Tell the subject to start breathing slowly and deeply. Tell him to pay attention to his breathing, so it becomes the only thing in his world.
  4. Tell the subject very calmly, slowly and in positive terms what he or she needs to think and do. For instance, tell him he can do it. Tell him he's an intelligent student. He will understand and retain all the information for their upcoming tests. Tell him he will study for three hours tonight and will feel no fatigue at all.
  5. Bring the subject out of his state of deep relaxation. Tell him he will be out of of hypnosis when you count backwards from five down to zero. Then, slowly count down. At that point, the idea to study tonight is deep in his subconscious mind, thanks to the fact that you learned how to hypnotize someone.
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