How To Hypnotize Your Wife

Learning "how to hypnotize your wife" is something men have been trying for years. Women and Men don't exactly agree on the same things. The following will give you a hint on how to easily squirm your way into the mind of your wife.

  1. Play on her loving Nature. Begin to express to your wife how loving and nurturing she is. Remind her of the love that she first had with you and how it made you feel inside. Compliment her on the things that she naturally does but blow it out of proportion to where she feels as though she is the only woman on earth who completes such great tasks. Let her enjoy basking in this pool of compliments. This gets her on your side and open for more positive compliments.
  2. Begin by Creating a Safe and Trusting Environment. Women love to talk regardless of what it is and they especially love it when it's about then. Begin to ask your wife about her day at work or the things that she did throughout the day. Now she feels as though she has control over the conversation because everything is about her. Ask questions to make her feel as though your interested in knowing more about what she's accomplished. This makes a woman feel good when they can come to their husband about the good and bad of their day and he actually sits and listens.
  3. Use quotations as a form of suggestion. When a woman is in a good mood it relaxes her and her mind then becomes open. She has no worries. That's when the man can engage in conversation and begin to squeeze in exactly what it is he wants from her, whether it's watching football or not. Once you've suggested the information, go back to what you and your wife were originally talking about. This will let her know that her conversation is more important than your suggestion. Before you know it her conversation is over and you're both sitting on the couch watching the football game.
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