How I Can Format My Memory Card On A Nokia 5800?

Looking for directions on how to format your memory card on a Nokia 5800? The Nokia 5800 is a very powerful multimedia cell phone and is compatible with microSD and microSDHC memory cards.

To format your memory card on a Nokia 5800, you will need:

  • A micro SD memory card
  • Or a microSDHC memory card
  1. Insert Your Memory Card. To begin formatting your memory card, you must first insert the memory card into your Nokia 5800. You can insert a memory card by opening the memory card slot, which is located on the right hand side of your phone. With the slot open, push the card into the slot and close the memory card cover.
  2. Open the File Manager. To access the settings for your Nokia 5800 memory card, you will need to access the File Manager. To access the File Manager, press the Menu key and then select Applications, followed by File Manager.
  3. Options. With the File Manager open, you will need to select either Options > Find, Options > Organize, or Options > Sort by. While the decision is yours, the Options > Sort by category will be the easiest when it comes to formatting a memory card on your Nokia 5800.
  4. Memory Card Options. Once the Options menu has opened, select Memory card options. Select Format from the Memory card options menu and follow the prompts on your screen to format your memory card.

Tips and Warnings

  1. The memory card options will only be available on your Nokia 5800 if there is a memory card inserted into the phone.
  2. If you have data saved to your memory card, you may lose that data by formatting the memory card.
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