How I Met Your Mother’ Drinking Game Rules

We all love to play drinking games occasionally, but if Kings or Beer Pong has gotten a little dry, try learning these How I Met Your Mother drinking game rules.

  1. Drink once to the following:
  • Robin says "literally"
  • Barney uses a pick up line
  • Anyone says "awesome"
  • Barney says "classic"
  • Barney says "legendary"
  • Barney says "suit up"
  • Lily is around or talking about her kindergarten class

       2.  Drink Twice to the following:

  • Barney does magic
  • Anyone says "Have you met…"
  • Barney says "Ha, please"
  • Barney makes someone do a fist bump or high five
  • Marshall says "Lawyered"
  • Barney says "daddy's home
  • There is a flashback
  • Ted does voiceover
  • Anytime the Fiero is mentioned
  • Marshall sings about anything (except for things he currently doing while singing).

       3.  Drink three times to the following:

  • Barney asks for a prop to complete a gimmick
  • Barney calls himself Ted's best friend
  • Anytime a limousine/cab driver is called by name
  • Ted corrects someone
  • Robin mentions something Canadian
  • Barney mentions his blog
  • Marshall sings about what he is doing
  • Barney says "…wait for it…"
  • Barney says "What's up?"

       4.  Finish your drink to the following:

  • Barney rips on Canada
  • Telepathic conversation
  • Ted says " How I Met Your Mother"
  • Any mention of a slap bet
  • Marshall plays an instrument to accompany his singing
  • Ted makes a "Star Wars" reference

Alternate How I Met Your Mother Drinking Game Rules

  1. Anyone
  • There is a flashback
  • Says "Have you met…"
  • Says "Awesome"

       2.  Lilly

  • Reveals a secret
  • Gives someone a disapproving look
  • Meddles in someone else's life

       3.  Robin

  • References Canada or anything related to being Canadian
  • Says "Literally"

       4.  Ted

  • Says "Mother"
  • Does a voiceover

       5.  Barney

  • Says "Daddy's home"
  • Says "Suit up"
  • Does magic
  • Makes someone do a high five
  • Says "Legendary"

       6.  Marshall

  • Says "Lawyered"

Have fun with the game and remember that the How I Met Your Mother drinking game rules are flexible, so feel free to add your own rules to the list.

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