How To ID The BMX Frame By Serial Number

Do you want to know how to ID the BMX frame by serial number? Most BMX bicycles have a serial number stamped on the frame, which is the biggest and most important part of the bike. Depending on the brand and model of your BMX bike, the serial number used to ID the bike can be on different parts of the frame.

To ID a BMX frame by serial number, you will need:

  • A piece of rag and some water
  • A place to work on that can get dirty
  1. Turn the BMX bicycle or frame upside down. Look for a number on the now upper part of the bottom bracket shell. As that section of the frame is usually muddy when the bicycle has been used, you might need to clean the area using a wet rag.
  2. If you haven't found the serial number yet, look for it on the lower part of the lower tube, the seat tube or the back part of the head tube. You are looking for a serial ID number that can have between three and twenty digits, including letters and hyphens.
  3. Once you've located the serial number, write it down. Ideally, keep the number written in your BMX manual attached to the sales receipt. If possible, register the BMX serial number with the local police, to increase the chances of recovering the bike if stolen.
  4. Also, use the serial number to register the bike with the manufacturer. This way you will make sure you retain the warranty and will have any defects on your BMX bike repaired by the manufacturer. Registering your bike also enables you to receive the latest news about accessories and upgrades for your bike straight from the factory.
  5. Serial numbers often give some information about the bike, like the model and manufacturing date. But as every brand uses different criteria, and even the same brand at different times has used a different code, your best shot is to contact the manufacturer, if known, or a BMX online community if you don't even know the brand or manufacturer of the bike.
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