How To ID BMX Frames

By keeping some basic guidelines in mind, you can learn how to identify a BMX frame. No matter if you plan on selling the frame, restoring the frame and placing it on display or selling it, it is essential you understand what type of BMX bike you are dealing with.

Things you'll need:

  • Model numbers
  • Bicycle specialists
  1. Clean the BMX frame. This is probably the most important step to take when trying to identify a BMX frame. Clean the frame of all dirt, sand and tape in order to get a great view of it.
  2. Look for any distinguishing characteristics. This is also a very important step in determine what type of BMX frame you are dealing with. While modern BMX bikes typically have a sticker showing the brand of bike on display on a number of different places on the bike, older models may have lost their stickers  or they may not have had a sticker to begin with. Look for stamps, special types of tubing and other characteristics in order to identify the bike.
  3. Talk with biking professionals. Employees at cycling specialty shops may be able to help you identify the bike. If they can't tell what kind of bike it is, they will more than likely be able to refer you to an antiques specialist who can do so. Be aware that there may not be a specialist in your area. If this is the case, you will more than likely need to take pictures and send them to the professional in order to identify the bike.
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