How To Identify Check Scams

For those wondering how to identify check scams, they almost always involve counterfeit checks. Check scammers will find ways to get you to cash unsolicited counterfeit checks. There are certain situations which are obvious check scams and they can easily be identified.

  1. Check scams can occur in the form of employment payment. One of the most popular check scams will require you to cash a large check as a payment type. You may be contacted through email in reply to a job search. Using classified ads scammers post job listings, scammers will lure you in to their scam. Once you reply to the listing they will offer you a position  where you will be "cashing checks", "mystery shopping" or even "cleaning houses". Whatever they have to offer to draw you in, they will. The check will be written for more than the amount you are entitled to get paid. You will then be required to cash the check and keep your 10 percent while forwarding the remaining 90 to the so called company. In the mean time the check will bounce and you will owe the bank all of the cash that was sent.
  2. Check scams can occur on online auction sites. You may be one of the unsuspecting sellers on an online auction site that can get scammed. It is especially important to be able to identify a check scam when utilizing auction websites. Check scammers will claim to purchase an item from you. They will then overpay for the item and come up with some reason as to why they overpaid. It can be anything, so beware of the thousands of excuses. Once you cash the check they will require you to send them the change. It is best to avoid this situation and never accept an over-payment check while selling online.
  3. Beware of a new friend asking you to cash a check or money order. While most check scams don't happen in person, it does happen on occasion. You will meet someone new, who may seem sweet and in need. They will then ask you to cash a check or money order for them because they do not have a bank account. Do not fall for this scheme. After you cash the check you will never see the person again. The check will of course bounce, and leave you owing the bank. Think about it this way. If someone doesn't have a bank account they could always go to a local check cashing business, so that is not a valid excuse.
  4. Be weary of transferring money through a wiring service. This is the main way to identify a check scam. All check scammers will eventually require you to send money to them through a wire. They love these services because there is no way to track the money or get it back. The transactions are cash transactions and once the money is gone that's it. You can avoid almost all check scams by ignoring any thing you recieve that requires sending a money transfer to a complete stranger. 
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