How To Identify Fraudulent Emails

Since technology has expanded to the World Wide Web, fraud has been on the rise and many people want to know how to identify fraudulent e-mails. There are several ways that you can identify fraud through your e-mail but you must be alert and pay attention to detail. Fraudulent e-mails are a serious problem but there are several ways that you can identify them before you become a victim:

  1. Pay attention to detail when looking for fraudulent e-mails because they look like a familiar company or person that you would normally communicate with but instead it is a hacker.  When receiving an email from a known source look over the letter carefully. If a known source is asking for your personal information call the company or person directly to handle the situation. Remember that businesses do not ask for personal information and your friend source is not likely to send you an email when asking for a financial favor.
  2.  When you receive an email titled urgent or immediate attention, you should cautiously open the letter. E-mails sent displaying a sense of urgency is the most common method used to get the victim flustered so that they will immediately open the letter. Many fraudulent people send e-mails like this to their potential victims hoping at least one person will fall prey to their fraud and open the letter creating a virus to the victim’s computer.  If you receive an email from a known sender contact that person yourself to make sure the email is not a computer virus.
  3. Another way to identify a fraudulent email is by looking at the email address. Even though the fraudulent person is sending an email with a known sender if you look closely at the email address you will see it is not legitimate. Businesses do not use free email addresses so take time learn the email services that are free. Becoming knowledgeable about identifying fraudulent e-mails will make you less of a victim to fraudulent activity.

Being able to identify fraudulent e-mails is not an easy task because this type of fraud constantly changes. However, as long as you are aware that there are people out there on the World Wide Web that only want inconvenience people and steal their identity you will be more cautious about opening your email.

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