How To Identify Name Of Fossil Women’s Watch

Learn about how to identify name of Fossil women's watch so you know what style Fossil watch you have. Fossil makes men's and women's watches in a variety of styles and colors. It's even possible to build your own Fossil watch. The choices in Fossil women's watches are vast. There are ten different kinds of Fossil women's watches to choose from. Identify them to know which Fossil watch you or someone you know has.

  1. Stella Fossil Watch. The Stella watch by Fossil features a large round face and comes in black, white or colored faces, like turquoise, orange, pink and yellow. The Stella Fossil watch has crystal accents around the dial.
  2. Ceramic Fossil Women's Watch. The ceramic line of Fossil watches for women has a ceramic face and different bands like stainless steel and rose-gold metal. Look for ceramic watches that are other styles of Fossil watches that have been redesigned in ceramic.
  3. Fossil Women's Dress Watches. To identify the name of Fossil women's dress watches, look for a smaller face and band. The styles of dress watches are smaller and more delicate. The face is square or round but much smaller than other Fossil women's watch styles. The bands are decorative bands or bangle style like a bracelet.
  4. Fossil Classic Dress Watches. The Fossil Classic dress watch line includes square faces that are colored in shades of blue, pink or white with square or round faces. The bands range from stainless steel bands to delicate strap bands and the signature Fossil link bands. Some of the classic dress watches also have leather bands.
  5. Fossil Boyfriend Watches. To identify these Fossil watches, think men's watch. This line of women's Fossil watches look very similar to men's Fossil watches but are smaller in scale. Some have mother of pearl faces and other Boyfriend watches are entirely stainless steel.
  6. Fossil Digital Watches. There are four Fossil women's digital watches that have a distinct look. Look for the futuristic sporty watch as it comes in pink, orange, blue, and purple. They have wraparound bands.
  7. Sport Watches by Fossil. The women's Fossil sport watches come in an array of colors and styles but all have sport features. These Fossil watches are water resistant and resemble Boyfriend watches in style. Many have three hands on the face.
  8. Fossil Trend Women's Watches. Some of the Trend Fossil watches have a thick, layered leather strap that is studded. Other styles of the Trend line have a cuff band. These women's watches by Fossil offer stylish, edgy design in a classic watch.
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