How To Identify Psychic Scams

Need to know how to identify psychic scams? Regardless of your personal opinion on whether true psychics exist or not, there isn't any doubt that there are “psychics” scamming people out of their money. These people, acting as psychics, prey on others that are in a vulnerable state, people wanting to believe a psychic can truly give them insight that no one else can. If you are someone who believes in psychics and looks to them for assistance in times of need, it is important that you know how to identify a psychic scam.

  1. If you go to a psychic, your relationship with her will most likely seem very deep and personal. It probably seems like your “psychic” knows more about you than others around you do. Most of the information, to your amazement, she seems to have come up with by some mystic, otherworldly method. If you are going to a psychic, chances are you have a problem and are looking for answers. If you talk to the psychic and tell her you are looking for love or have family problems, you open the door for this person to prey on your vulnerability. You already gave her a clue as to how to manipulate you. Giving her the key to what is troubling you gives her the ammunition she needs to get your trust and further her psychic scam.
  2. The fact is, most of this “mystically divined information” has a much simpler explanation. All it involves is some decent acting skills, common sense questions and keen observation skills. One of the first contacts with a “psychic” usually includes what is known as a cold reading. A cold reading usually involves a psychic magically coming up with personal information she couldn't possibly know without some kind of outside help. In reality, a cold reading is the first step in her psychic scam and consists of the “psychic” asking her client open-ended, leading questions that she came up with by observing the customer's body language and physical appearance. If you have dark hair and eyes, she will likely come up with questions that include someone in your past with dark hair and eyes. Chances are you have a close relative fitting that description. If you take the bait, she will continue questioning until you give up personal information that leads her to an identity.
  3. If you go to a psychic looking for love, she will undoubtedly say something like "The blonde you dated in college is still thinking of you." There are only three main hair colors, so chance are you dated a blonde in your past. When you give her a name, she will act as if she already knew it, just like all the personal information you gave her, and she files it away for later use. In your excitement you'll probably forget telling her these things when she brings them up later.
  4. It comes down to this: a psychic, like any other service, should have a set price. If you go in for the service, you pay that price. Later, if you are led down a road of more charges that keep adding up, your “psychic” is scamming you. She will tell you the money is for special candles or other items she needs to buy so she can meditate and get your answers. The more she talks you into, the higher price the items get. The problem is, it doesn't start out with the big money items. It always starts small, $40 for a reading, $100 for candles, and as she gains your trust and builds on your fear, she drains you of everything you have no matter what that means to you and your family.

The psychic industry is a very lucrative field. It is reported that good psychics make $250,000+ a year. Good doesn't mean real; just convincing. If someone is truly gifted and wants to help others with that gift, it's great. A true psychic wouldn't need to drain your bank account to help you. If people are maintaining a lavish lifestyle off the hardships and miseries of others, it is better that they are fakes, because someone like that doesn't deserve to be truly gifted.

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