How to Identify Vintage Coach Bags

If you spend money on bags, learn how to identify vintage Coach bags. The reason that this is important is that there are a lot of knock-off Coach bags sold in stores and on-line. It can be harder to find out if vintage Coach bags are authentic as they are harder to compare against other bags as they are far less common. Coach has been manufacturing handbags for decades. They are a classic piece to add to a wardrobe.

  1. Check the stitching on the handbag. All stitching should be double-stitching. If any of it on the bag is single-thread or appears thin, the vintage Coach bag may be fake.
  2. Examine the logo on the outside of the Coach bags. The logo should appear balanced. The logo isn't sewn into the seam at all.
  3. Larger, vintage and authentic coach bags have a leather label inside with a serial number. If the purse is small, it may not have one. The label will have a serial number on it. That will show that it's authentic.
  4. If it is a monogrammed Coach handbag, examine the logo on the outside. One of the characteristics of vintage Coach bags is that the seams go straight through the logo. The letters will not be cut at all.
  5. The zipper of the vintage Coach bag will zip and unzip smoothly. In addition, it will be engraved with the letters YKK.


  • Buy vintage Coach purses in person if at all possible.
  • If you are still uncertain if your Coach bags is an authentic vintage bag, take it to a Coach retailer.



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