How To Identify A Winning In The Cash Flow Business Scam

We all seek to learn about strategies that make us more incapable of being hit by scams but based on what’s trending right now, what most people would really like to learn is how to identify a Winning in the Cash Flow Business scam. The world is just recovering from one of the worst financial and economic crises in the modern times. A lot of businesses have gone under and simply breathed their last. People around the world, not only in the greater USA, are looking for a means to generate a quick buck. Recently, a man named Russ Dalbey appeared on both the television and internet introducing a program named “Winning in the Cash Flow Business”. It talks about how ordinary people can make more money by investing time and effort in cash flow notes. What do you do if there are people who knock on your doors and are prepared to do business with you using this program? It has received an equal amount of praise and condemnation from all sides and no one really knows the real score about this program. What matters is that people should always be on the ready and keep an open mind when coming across this.

To identify a Winning in the Cash Flow Business scam, you will need:

  • Guarded enthusiasm & optimism
  • Attention to detail
  • A set of ready inquiries or questions
  1. Verify authenticity. Whether you are the buyer of notes or the seller, you should always be ready to verify authenticity. Authenticity of the notes that you are supposed to buy or authenticity of the buyer you are supposed to sell the notes to. If you're a buyer, the seller should be able to provide you with the contact number & details of the original payor. If you're the reseller, you should be able to earn the trust of the potential buyer by also being able to provide that information.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the projected value. Always be in the know of the projected value of the notes that you will be involved with. This can be done by keeping yourself abreast with inflation rates and the concurrent performance of the industry the note is being based on (real estate, structured settlement, and business cash flow or credit card notes).
  3. Know the market. Almost everyone knows that it’s Russ Dalbey who is the first to be attributed to the idea but it also pays for one to know who else is in the industry. If you empower yourself with the knowledge about the industry, you know you can outsmart even the most resourceful scam artist.
  4. Read up on material. As they say, knowledge is power and what better way to gain that power over getting scammed by reading up on reviews on the program and learning the business as well.
  5. Be a poker player. Poker players are known to be the best in the business when it comes to risk-taking and identifying bluffs when it involves high stakes money. This is because they have the incredible ability to find “tells” or gestures and movements in their opponents to inform them whether they are telling the truth or simply scamming them. Now, when it comes to involving your hard-earned cash, wouldn’t you want to be a poker player as well?

As mentioned above, there haven’t been really enough facts or figures to prove the true nature of its money-making ability but whether you’re a buyer or reseller, you need to take everything with a grain of salt and always have a guarded position when it comes to money matters. The whole world is in the middle of difficult times and people do not need the unfortunate dilemma of being scammed and be pushed further beyond difficult times.



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