How To Imitate Voices

Learning how to imitate voices is not as difficult as it might sound. Whether you want to perfect a celebrity impression or just dazzle your friends with spot-on voice imitations of people you know, you can learn how to imitate voices with the right techniques. You will also have to practice, practice, practice before you can get the voices you imitate just right. Only then you can become the life of the party.

Things you'll need:

  • Voice to imitate
  • Time to practice
  1. Think about the type of voice you’re imitating. The voice can be as simple as a man or a woman. However, there are subtle differences between celebrities, people you know or cartoon characters. The type of voice will determine how serious, clever, amusing or downright silly your voice imitation will be.
  2. Factor in the age of the person. Age will make a big difference in the tone you use, as well as how you speak when imitating voices. A twenty-year-old is likely to talk much differently than a 40-year-old. However, if you’re imitating a celebrity, feel free to imitate their voice from any era you choose.
  3. Throw in an accent when necessary. Doing voice imitations often requires you to perfect your accents. Accents can be very subtle, such as someone from the Midwest, or an extremely thick accent, such as a foreigner who barely speaks English. The heavier the accent, the harder the voice imitation will be to perfect, but the more amusing it will be when you do.
  4. Add speaking patterns and mannerisms. When you imitate someone’s voice, no matter who they are, you should not only sound like them, but you should also speak like them. Use words that the person commonly uses and practice similar hand gestures and facial expressions to add to the imitation.
  5. Listen to the voices you want to imitate. To get the voice imitation just right, listen and watch the person speak over and over again. Try imitating the voice right after they speak and look in a mirror to make sure you get everything just right.
  6. Practice until you lose your voice. Never stop practicing. To keep your voice imitation skills sharp, you should do the imitations every day. That way, when someone wants you to bust out an imitation, you’ll sharp and ready to entertain.
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