How Important Is A Colonoscopy?

Do you know how important it is to have regular colonoscopies? Colonoscopies have become not only a popular test in the medical field, but an important and very necessary test. Colonoscopies are tests that help a doctor determine if you have any problems in your colon; including polyps, cancerous tumors, as well as they check for chron's disease and ulcerative colitis.

Your colon is the large section of your bowel. A colonoscopy is typically ordered when there are complaints of rectal bleeding and other unexplained changes in bowel habits. Colonoscopies are important so that the doctor can see inside the bowel and detect abnormalities. They are typically done inside the doctor's office or in a special procedure room in an outpatient setting. There is preparation that is required prior to your test that helps to clean out your colon so that your doctor can see the entire colon clearly.

Colonoscopies are extremely important for people who have ever had trouble with their colon. Your doctor may recommend you get a yearly colonoscopy, especially once you reach a certain age. Many doctors recommend yearly colonoscopies starting at age 50.

Colonoscopies require you to lie on your side and hold their knees drawn up toward their abdomen. A thin, lubricated scope is inserted into the rectum. The scope has a very small camera that shows the images of the inside of your colon on a screen. Your doctor will maneuver the scope along the inside of your colon. He can view the entire length of your colon as he maneuvers the camera along the colon's path. He can see polyps developing, scar tissue, and if he needs to take a sample of tissue for biopsy, he can do that with a special biopsy tool attached to the scope.

You will only need to recover from the test for a short while and will be sent home the same day. Your test results only take a few days, and your doctor will have all the information he needs to know if your colon is healthy, or if further testing is needed.



 University of Michigan

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