How Is Impotence Affected By Pelvic Nerves?

Many men experience impotence at some point in their lives; most don't realize that impotence can be affected by pelvic nerves and may ask, "How is impotence affected by pelvic nerves?"  This may not be the case for all men, of course. Some problems, in fact, stem from reduced blood flow and have nothing to do with nerve damage at all. That being said, a significant amount of cases involving impotence have a direct correlation to pelvic nerves, even if the official causative disease is something like diabetes.

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is at its base an inability to get an erection. An erection, believe it or not, is achieved through a series of physiological events. When a man is aroused, the brain sends notifies the pelvic nerve pathways to the penis. These nerves send the arteries the message to relax. The arteries relax, allowing for blood to engorge the penis, leading to an erection. If the pelvic nerves aren't working properly, impotence can be the result.

The medical conditions most commonly associated with impotence include diabetes, certain kinds of surgery, spinal cord injury, nervous system disorders such as M. S., and obesity. All of these diseases affect the pelvic nerves in some way. For example, surgery in the pelvic region can cause damage to the nerves there, causing them to work incorrectly. Diabetes often causes peripheral neuropathy, which is loss of feeling due to nerve damage. In about 50 percent of diabetics, pelvic nerves are damaged. Whatever the condition, the end result is the same. The nerve damage results in the nerves being able to transmit signals as efficiently, leading to problems with impotence.

If your impotence is directly affected by pelvic nerve damage, there are many things you can do to reduce or even get rid of symptoms. If you have a disease that temporarily affects nerves, such as diabetes, you can fix impotence by getting it under control. If you have a more permanent problem, such as surgical trauma, treatments like PDE5 inhibitors may help. At any rate, impotence because of pelvic nerve damage doesn't have to be the end to a happy and health sex life.

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