How To Impress College Girls

Shine brightly and stand above your classmates as you learn how to impress college girls. Put yourself ahead of the crowd and grab the girls you want to date. College chicks are hot! And impressing women in college is easy once you know the score.

  1. Check the vibes. Before you begin impressing college girls, understand their mentality. College is a way station between high school and a career. Many college girls may look for interesting men to date and have relationships with. Overall, however, these girls are a transient bunch with goals. Be realistic about how long a relationship might last.
  2. Feel her out. Determine what she's about before jumping into impressing a college girl. Does she hang with a crowd? If so, is it mostly girls or a mixture of coeds? If she's with another guy, don't waste your time. Loners may be the easiest to impress as they don't have strong ties to others.
  3. Convey a good image. Nothing impresses college girls more than a strong, positive image. Look after your grooming and personal hygiene. Be meticulous about your appearance. Wear clean clothes that fit, take care of your shoes and be neat with your personal items.
  4. Act with kindness. Being polite will impress college girls. In a world of jerks and bad attitudes you will stand out.
  5. Show off your IQ. You're in school, so impress the college girls by showing off your intelligence. Get good grades, be a handy lab partner and always take notes during lectures. She will notice your diligence and take her own notes about your remarkable study habits.
  6. Be serious. If you're punctual, prepared, and ready, you will impress college girls with your dedication to your education. After all, you're at college to further your career. Women dig good providers who are smart, savvy and focused. Make the most of your college experience and you're sure to impress yourself, too!
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