How To Impress A Girl At School

Knowing how to impress a girl at school requires some education by itself. School is a great place to meet girls. The hard part might be catching their attention, especially with so many other guys around. How will you stand out?

  1. Answer questions in class. Since you're at school, the best way to impress a girl is to be smart. Be attentive to your instructor and show your knowledge by answering questions. Be wary of being the only one to answer, however. You don't want to look like a know-it-all or teacher's pet.
  2. Help with her homework. You can impress a girl from school by helping her with her homework, especially if she's struggling. This is the perfect opportunity to worm your way into her heart, or at least show off your brains. Begin with a study group and move on to one-on-one tutoring sessions.
  3. Ask her for help. You want to show that you're smart, but impressing a girl at school also means being a tiny bit vulnerable. Ask for help on a problematic math equation, even if you know the answer. It's an opening line, but who knows? It may lead to love.
  4. Look your best. Smart dudes know that to impress a girl at school, you must keep up your appearance. With so many slick males to contend with, why not put in the extra time to smooth your hair and shave? Most girls like clean guys that smell good. Even if you're the bad boy type, make sure you are well put together.
  5. Maintain you alpha status. Being your own boss will impress the girls at school. No one likes a bully, and you certainly don't want to inspire fear, but girls prefer guys who don't back down and act like pushovers. Lead the pack rather than following, at least part of the time.
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