How To Impress A Girl You Like

Do you need to know how to impress a girl you like so that she will date you? If you are a male having trouble impressing a girl, this article is for you. Some males try very hard to impress the girl that they like and never even get a date. Most males who are having trouble finding a girlfriend know they are doing something wrong, they just don't know what it is. If opposites attract it should be easy to impress girls if you are a male right? Wrong! Most males do everything wrong when trying to impress a girl that they like. This is a short list of the right things to do to impress a girl that you like.

  1. Be mature. Girls mature faster than boys. You will most likely have to play catch-up in the maturity department with the girl that you like. Start watching cable news channels, read the Wall Street Journal, find out about the world you live in. The girl you like needs to know that you are an active participant in the world and not going along for the ride. If a girl thinks you could never be the father of her child, you wont get anywhere with her.
  2. Be yourself. Most girls hate fakes worse than anything else. You are an individual and you need to be comfortable with it. If you are bad at something, be as honest about it as you would something you are good at.
  3. Never use pick-up lines. Pick-up lines are lame. If you like the girl you should be person enough to say it in plain English. Even if you get turned down, she will do it respectfully, but she will never ever forget you. Pick-up lines can also be interpreted as being disrespectful. Remember, she is a lady.
  4. Be well groomed. Always be well groomed, but not to the point of looking like a face model. Keep your body clean, your hair cut and combed, and always keep your nails cut and clean. Do not wear jewelry. Being flashy can make a girl think you are selfish. 
  5. Never gossip. Participating in gossip is a good way to make a girl think you are of ill character. A girl wants a male that listens to her and tries to understand girl things, but is really interested in guy stuff.

Remember, nothing in the world beats individuality. To impress a girl she needs to think you are an original. If she can't find it anywhere else, she's more likely to be interested in it.

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