How To Impress Girls At Parties

Figuring out how to impress girls at parties has undoubtedly been an issue since humans first began throwing parties. While it isn't necessary to put on a big show, you will need to attract a little attention in order to get girls looking and paying attention. There are a few ways to impress girls at parties that will work on the majority of the girls there.

  1. Be funny. Though it is infinitely easier to decide to be funny than it is to be genuinely funny, being a funny guy is a quick way to be memorable and to impress girls at parties. Everyone wants to hang out at a party with a someone who can make them laugh. To impress girls, make sure that your humor is not mean spirited and not too immature in nature. Bodily functions may be funny to the guys, but to most girls they simply aren't.
  2. Be open to talking to everyone. When you want to impress girls at parties, it isn't the time to be shy or to decide to talk to only a few select people. Get out there and connect with everyone you talk to. It may be that the weird guy there is a good friend of a girl you want to meet. 
  3. Ask questions of every girl you talk to in order to impress girls at parties. Too many guys want to talk about themselves, brag about their cars or just engage in boring small talk. A guy who makes an effort to ask real questions of a girl he's just met is one who is certain to be impressive.
  4. Have a few fun stories to tell. While you don't want to monopolize the conversation, nothing is less impressive than that, you should have a couple of engaging, funny stories to pass along to get a little attention from the people around you in order to impress girls at parties. 
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