How To Impress Virgo Women

Are you ready to learn how to impress Virgo women? Underneath that calm demeanor lies a raging river full of passion and fire. True enigmas, these women possess amazing strength of character and an almost impermeable crust. Will you be the lucky man who wins her over? If you gain her trust and admiration as she throws barriers in your path, you will have her heart for the rest of your life.

  1. Prove your worthiness. Part of impressing Virgo women means proving you are financially and emotionally stable. She doesn't mind waiting for Mr. Right and prefers being alone to taking up with a man who cannot take care of her heart. The initial stage may be a long road, and your patience serves you well as you get to know each other.
  2. Move slowly. If you want to impress Virgo women, take it slow. She wants to hear of your accomplishments just as much as she wants to be wooed. She doesn't need a man taking over her life or compartmentalizing who she is. You can trust her with all of your secrets, but she will be agonizingly slow to reveal hers.
  3. Soothe her fears. The hardest part of knowing how to impress Virgo women is learning to deal with their anxiety. Virgos worry about everything! This natural instinct is part of a complex psyche. If you can live with her idiosyncrasies, she will repay you many times over with deep loyalty and love.
  4. Please her. If you are the pleasing type, you can easily impress Virgo women. They love to be pampered and spoiled in private, personal ways. Virgos crave attention but will never let on to this need. Give her gifts privately, and never go overboard with displays of affection or attention in the early stages of your relationship.
  5. Save the flash. A flash in the pan is not the way to impress Virgo women. She is not into fads and hype does not move her. Expect reliability and predictability in this conservative, sweet woman. Forget trends and remember traditions to catch her attention.
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