How To Impress A Woman On First Date

Now that you have met the right woman the question is how do you impress a woman on the first date. The first date with anyone can be tricky. If you say or do the wrong thing you could end up alone at the end of the night. Who wants to be alone? It is better to start off on the right foot and know how to impress a woman on that first date. There are five simple ways to impress her and keep her coming back for more.


  1. Have the night planned ahead of time. It may not seem like it but this is a great way to impress a woman on the first date. Pick her up in your own car, take her to the restaurant, and surprise her with a stop afterwards if the date is going well. The fact of the matter is that women like seeing the night unfold. It's the element of surprise. It keeps her interested and impresses her with your forethought.

  2. Do not choose a movie as part of the date. This impresses a woman on an intellectual level. By simply foregoing the the movie you show her that you are interested in finding out more about her and what she has to say. If you are in a movie theater you cut out around two hours of date time. You can't talk to each other in the theater and the only person you get to know are the characters in the movie. Skip the movie and get to know the woman you are trying to impress. This is in fact one of the main tips that are given to men by the famous Playboy magazine.

  3. Ask questions about her. It is perfectly fine to talk about yourself on a date but you are there to mutually get to know each other. Impress her by asking about her. Show and interest and you will make a lasting impression on her mind as the man that wanted to take his time and get to know her.

  4. Remember and apply the memory. Nine times out of ten if you are taking a woman out on a first date you have already spoken with her at least once. If you really want to impress her remember something small that she said. A color she liked or favorite song or restaurant. Apply that memory to the night by playing the song, having her favorite flower ready, or reserving a table at her favorite restaurant. It will show that you were listening and it will score extra points with impressing her on the first date.

  5. Pay for it. This can not be said enough. There is nothing that ruins an evening quicker than a man expecting the woman to pay. It's a first date. If you are trying to impress a woman on that first date then chances are you are wanting more than friendship. Just remember that friends share the check and dates share the night.

If impressing a woman on the first date is your prime objective then these five suggestions will be your ticket to that goal. Remember that you are wanting to keep her coming back. You want to show that you are interested in getting to know her and that you value the first impression that you will make with her. Showing and interest will keep her coming back but impressing her continually will keep her coming back over and over again.

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