How To Impress A Woman At Work

Learning how to impress a woman at work can be quite a challenge, especially when making a good first impression. It is important how you approach a woman and what type of lasting impression you leave her. Certain pick up lines can be insulting or intimidating to a woman. Depending on the situation, you could be so nervous that you end up stumbling over your words or blushing. This can either be a huge turn off for a woman or it can flatter her. What about your appearance, should you dress to impress or just be yourself? Questions and concerns could go through your head all day. Continue reading this article to learn the proper way to impress a woman at work.

  1. Be yourself. Don't act fake or try to put on a front and be somebody that you're not. A woman should like you for who you really are, and not who you want to be. Be comfortable in your own skin and let the women see your true appeal and beauty. Just being yourself alone is a great way to impress a woman at work.
  2. Always be presentable. Always wear proper attire. Don't try to overdress when you want to impress a woman, especially if that is not your normal dress. You don't have to wear super fancy clothes or really expensive cologne, but just make sure that you do look good and smell good, as you hopefully do already. Make sure that you always keep a clean look and act clean at work. A woman will not want to be with a man that is not presentable for her to introduce to her family and friends.
  3. Be a gentlemen. Letting a woman out of the elevator first, opening doors, or offering a helping hand are always things that you can do impress a woman at work. Be a gentlemen not only to her, but also be a gentlemen to other woman as well. Women are impressed by men who are not only chivalrous toward her, but towards everyone. Also, be respectful to her and others at all times.
  4. Show your interest in her. Always start your conversation with asking about her. Show interest in wanting to know about her. Ask questions about her, her family and friends. Take note of what she says by listening and remembering important things that she shares with you, and later on, you can bring up some of these things in future conversations.
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