How To Impress Your Girlfriend In Bed

If you're feeling less than adequate in bed or just simply want to learn more you might want to learn about how to impress your girlfriend in bed so that she thinks you're a real stud in the bedroom. While everyone is different, these guidelines on how to impress your girlfriend in bed are pretty much universal and can be used no matter who she is.

  1. Communicate. Communication is important to impress your girlfriend in bed because without knowing what she wants or likes you won't have any idea what to do to let her enjoy herself. Ask her if what you are doing feels good or you can even ask her what she wants you to do but just make sure to do it in a subtle, yet sexy way. Otherwise it comes off sounding like you're an amateur.
  2. Take your time. It's not about who gets off first and it's obviously not about how fast you can get off. Take your time and use foreplay to enhance her mood. Most women won't like a guy that just hops into bed, does the deed and then leaves. That'll leave her unfulfilled and frustrated.
  3. Be daring. Women like a man in bed that can show her how good he is so pull out all of the stops and make sure she's satisfied. Use your latest tongue techniques or give her a sensual massage first. Whatever you can do to make her feel good will impress your girlfriend in bed.
  4. Let her get hers. Make sure your girlfriend has an orgasm too. It's not just about what you want because when you're with a partner both need to have fun and be satisfied so don't just get off and then feel like you're done for the night. If she hasn't gotten off as well then your job isn't done.
  5. Focus on her. It won't hurt you to focus your attention all on her for the night; making sure you go over every detail of her body, taking your time with it and making her responsive. Believe me, if she is satisfied then you can pretty much be sure that you will too.

These guidelines on how to impress your girlfriend in bed are meant for you to utilize along with other ways that your girlfriend likes for you to make her feel. If there is something special that you do then show her. The most important thing is to make sure she is satisfied fully and then you'll really be able to impress your girlfriend in bed.

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