How To Imprint Your Own Guitar Picks

Want to learn how to imprint your own guitar picks? This article is for you. Before we begin you will want to decide what kind of logo, graphic art you will want imprinted on the guitar pick. Either you are using a company logo or you are creating a new graphical design for the guitar pick. 


  1. Create the graphic. You will want to create a graphic for the guitar pick by either drawing it out on paper or using some software program. Usually you will want to create the graphic or logo in black in white for the imprint. If you want to use color you will have to see if that is acceptable to the company you choose to do the imprinting on the assorted guitar picks. To find the companies just do a google search and you will find you have many to select from. Choose carefully. 
  2. Selecting the guitar pick colors.  Next you will want to select the type of colored picks that you believe would highlight your logo or graphic. Depending on the company you are going to use you may want to check the colors the company offers to help you make the best decisions.   
  3. Guitar picks. In this part you will want to select the type of guitar picks you wish to have the graphic printed on. If you really want to get your graphic imprint out there it is recommended that you choose different styles and thicknesses of the guitar picks. 
  4. Print out the graphic. Lastly you will want to print out or have a copy of the artwork ready to be submitted to the company that will imprint the graphic on the guitar picks. Make sure you have completed steps one through three so you have everything ready for the company you choose to imprint the guitar picks.
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