How To Improve Antenna Signal For Digital Television

Knowing how to improve the antenna signal for a digital television can reduce a lot of your frustrations when switching from an analog to a digital signal. Even though digital signals do provide better reception than analog, it may be difficult for some people to give up something that was working fine before the mandated switch. 

  1. Purchase a new splitter if you split your antenna signal. Many people use splitters to accommodate more than one digital television. It is important to use high quality splitters to ensure that the full strength of the signal is reaching every television within the home.
  2. Add a signal booster. A signal booster should be connected to the cable that comes into your home directly from the antenna. Locating the booster as close as possible to the antenna will improve the antenna signal. If you use two or three splitters, you will find the booster will help immensely. At a price of about $50, they are an affordable fix to your antenna signal problems.
  3. Adjust the antenna to get a better signal. A digital signal is very sensitive, and simply rotating your antenna just an inch or two could provide great results. 
  4. Move the antenna to a new location. You may need to relocate the antenna to get a better signal and TV reception. With digital signals, you must take into consideration which direction the signals are coming from, and locate your antenna in an area that will receive the signal. Tall trees in woods or tall buildings may also interfere with the strength of the signal. You may want to invest in a tower to get the antenna higher than the obstacles that may cause signal problems. 
  5. Use an outdoor antenna instead of an indoor antenna. An antenna that is located on the roof of your home or on a tower has less interference than indoor antennas. There are many companies that specialize in rooftop or outdoor antennas, and they will be able to assist you in determining which antenna would work best in your location.
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