How To Improve Balance For Surfing

Better balance leads to better surfing, and there are tons of hints for how to improve balance for surfing. The following simple tips and exercises can greatly improve balance for surfing with minimal stress.

  1. Balance board: If the name didn’t give it away, balance boards (or balance trainers) are a great way to improve balance for surfing. The best balance trainers involve a board and an independent, free-rolling, cylindrical roller. Using a free rolling balance trainer will utilize many of the stabilization muscles used in surfing and improve balance-related muscle memory.
  2. Balance Beam: You don’t need to train like a Chinese gymnast to improve balance for surfing, but a bit of time on the skinny beam won’t hurt. A real balance beam isn’t necessary, as a curb is a perfect place to practice cross-stepping.
  3. Cross training: Practicing any board sport will improve balance for surfing. Skateboarding is probably best. In fact, downhill longboard skateboarding most closely mimics the body movements used in surfing.
  4. Strength training: You don’t need to be a steak-head gym rat to stand on a surfboard. In fact, all those muscles will probably get in the way. Still, it might not be a bad idea to work out the leg and hip muscles a bit. The large inflatable exercise balls are great tools for improving balance for surfing.
  5. Core strength: This is closely related to strength training, but it demands a category of its own. Core strength is crucial to balance, and improving your core strength is one of the surest ways to improve balance for surfing. Good core strength is especially important for advanced surfers attempting to pull off more radical maneuvers.
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