How To Improve Baseball Throwing Accuracy

Are you a baseball coach or baseball player trying figure out how to improve baseball throwing accuracy for yourself or your team? There are many helpful strategies and drills that can dramatically improve your baseball throwing accuracy in time for your next game.

  1. Grip the baseball properly. To improve your accuracy, you want an across-stitch grip so the ball does not tail. This grip will allow the ball to travel in a straight line.
  2. Play catch with another player. Beginning at thirty feet have a catch, aiming for chest of the person that you are practicing with increases in fifteen foot increments. 
  3. Loosen up your wrist. It is very hard to improve baseball throwing accuracy without a loose wrist. This is a basic fundamental that should be taught in youth baseball. You can practice this skill by holding your throwing arm just above the wrist with your glove hand.  Bend your throwing arm at the elbow with your forearm straight. Create a drill of  throwing the baseball with only the wrist and fingers. 
  4.  Point to your target with your glove hand.  When throwing the baseball for accuracy, quickly step and throw while pointing your glove hand towards the target. release the ball.
  5. Throw your baseball over the top.  To improve throwing accuracy. maintain a ten to eleven o'clock angle arm position when throwing the baseball. A lefty thrower should have a one to two o'clock angle for lefty. Adjust the release point to compensate for increases or decreases in distance.
  6. Practice makes perfect. Practice, practice, practice! The best way to improve baseball throwing accuracy is to practice all your baseball drills daily to establish flow, muscle memory and confidence!




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