How To Improve Boxing Hand Speed

Learning how to improve boxing hand speed will allow you to greatly improve your performance in the ring. Hand speed allows you to be much quicker with your punches, allowing you to attack and counterattack your opponent.  It will also improve your ability to defend. Take the following points into consideration to learn how to improve boxing hand speed.

  1. Use the speed bag.  The speed name is aptly named for just that: speed. Get to know your speed bag, or one at the local gym or boxing club. Utilize the many drills available to you to improve boxing hand speed.
  2. Practice speed when you are tired. When you're tired, you tend to lose power and speed. Part of improving boxing hand speed is developing stamina, which will allow you to thrive and maintain your hand speed in later rounds.
  3. Punch with resistance bands. Punching with resistance allows you to find more force when you are executing punches. This is a great way to train to improve boxing hand speed.
  4. Work on defensive hand speed. You can't defend with quick body movement alone. Make sure you spend time improving your hand speed in relationship to defense. For instance, work on your hand mechanics versus different punches. If you're alone, make use of the double-ended bag if one is available to you: they are great for defensive work of all kinds.
  5. Train for bursts of energy. You need to be able to dig deep and find that jolt of speed to finish off your opponent. Work on doing just that, especially when you're tired, to develop bursts of energy to improve hand speed in later rounds, which is sure to take care of your opponent.
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