How To Improve The Boxing Jab

For boxers and those in other martial arts, it is important to spend time learning how to improve the boxing jab. The jab is perhaps the most important punch in boxing, used for offense and defense. Take some time to improve this important punch in boxing.

  1. Ensure your mechanics are fundamentally sound. Go over the most important mechanics of the jab. Having someone to watch your mechanics can be invaluable in pinpointing any areas that need work. Focus on your front foot and a quick, smooth extension on the punch, as well as protecting yourself.
  2. Work on the speed of your jab. The speed of your jab is extremely important.  Harness the speed to find increased effectiveness in the ring.
  3. Develop a power jab. If you do not have a power jab, this can also be rather effective as well. There is the normal, flicking jab, which is great for setting up your opponent or for defensive reasons, as well as others, and there is the power jab that can also be effective in situations. The power jab can be an effective weapon in your arsenal.
  4. Work on angles and height. Advanced boxers can improve the jab by adding angles and varying degrees of height. For the latter, the jab can be very effective for body work and to confuse your opponent. Getting comfortable with the angles will allow you to move and jab at the same time, which is also extremely effective in many different situations. Work on movement and jabbing, adding angles as you rotate your opponent and utilizing the jab as you bob and weave.
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