How To Improve Deltoid Muscles

Learning how to improve deltoid muscles can greatly increase not only physique, but overall upper arm strength. When working out, many men may simply overlook this all important muscle group. However, improving deltoid muscles should be an important part of your strength training routine. Following these simple to steps to improve deltoid muscles can make a significant difference.

  1. Shoulder Press. This exercise is best performed at home using free weights but resistance bands will work. While sitting, feet flat on the floor, the arms should be raised from the elbows to about 65-90 degrees and the pose should be held briefly. The amount of resistance and number of repetitions should be based on your fitness level. This particular exercise can help to improve two of the three deltoid muscles and can also be done while standing or using gym equipment.
  2. Forward Press. To improve the remaining and the largest deltoid muscles, this type of front raise may work best. This strength training exercise can be done sitting or standing with various types of equipment as well. To use free weights or resistance bands, you should have feet flat on the floor with the arms to the side of the body. From this position, the arms should be brought directly in front with the palms facing down. This position should be held and released slowly.
  3. Push Ups. Classic style push ups aren't just good for the biceps. Improving the deltoid muscles can be accomplished without the use of weights, gym equipment or resistance bands with this simple exercise. Beginner's should start out slowly and build their way up to avoid injury.

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