How To Improve Erection

Knowing how to improve an erection can help your relationship. When a couple does not achieve a full erection, it can be difficult on the relationship. Some men view this as a personal problem or as a lack of manliness. The woman can view it is as sign of the man not being attracted to her. Neither of these are true but there is a way to help avoid these awkward and negative emotions. A penis ring can help improve erections and be done at home without a bunch of tests and probing.

You will need:

  • penis ring
  • measuring tape
  1. Take a measurement of the penis at its usual erect state. This measurement will allow you to purchase a penis ring that will fit correctly and offer the most benefit to improve an erection.
  2. Select the penis ring either online or at a local retail shop that deals with adult inventory. There will be many sizes and colors to choose from and they are offered in different materials. Select a material that is right for you. Consider any latex allergies or skin sensitivities that you may have. These factors will play a psychological role in your sexual experience and can help to improve an erection.
  3. Allow your penis to become aroused and erect during self-stimulation or foreplay. Position the ring around the base of the penis to help improve an erection.
  4. The penis ring will assist your body in its natural function of improving blood flow to the shaft. This increased blood improves the erection.
  5. Once the penis ring is in place, squeeze the penis as if you are trying to stop semen from flowing. This is a Kegel exercise that is designed to improve an erection and increase endurance.
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