How To Improve Liver And Gallbladder Function

Everything we drink and eat is processed through our liver and gallbladder, so it’s important to know how to improve your liver and gallbladder functions and to keep them working at top levels.

  1. Consider which kinds of toxins frequently enter your liver and gallbladder, and what you might need to reduce.  Reducing or quitting smoking, and limiting the intake of alcohol, simple sugars, sodas, and prescription medications will help cut down on the levels of toxins that your liver has to filter.  Cutting down on your intake of fatty foods and vegetables oils will reduce any stress to your gallbladder.
  2. Consuming lots of water can improve your liver and gallbladder function.  These organs work hard to process a lot of toxins and fats out of your body, and if you stay hydrated, it aids your blood flow and the overall filtering and metabolism.
  3. Fresh juices can be very important nutritional supplements for improving your liver and gallbladder function. Carrot, ginger, apple, and lemon juices all support the liver function, and herbs such as garlic, mint, basil, and parsley are also very helpful.  Eating and drinks a lot of these fresh vegetables and herbs will improve your liver and gallbladder function.
  4. Herbal supplements can help improve liver and gallbladder function.  The most common herbal supplements are dandelion and milk thistle, both of which help purify the blood and repair damaged liver cells.
  5. Consider doing a liver and gallbladder cleanse.  This process not only cleanses the liver and gallbladder of wastes and toxins, but it also clears the waste products from the colon.  There are many products and recipes available for cleansing.


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