How To Improve MPG On A 2003 Land Rover Discovery

Learning how to improve MPG on your 2003 Land Rover Discovery will bring you greater satisfaction with your used vehicle. Because gas prices seem to be moving upward, people are trying to get better gas mileage by changing their Land Rover driving and vehicle maintenance habits. 

  1. Change how you accelerate and slow down. Stepping quickly on the gas and slamming on the brakes will cause you to lose up to 33% of your fuel efficiency. 
  2. Drive the speed limit. The aerodynamics of your 2003 Land Rover Discovery allows for the best fuel economy when driving at the posted speed limits. Excessive speed causes a higher wind resistance resulting in decreased MPG.
  3. Reduce cargo and avoid pulling trailers. You will improve your gas mileage by keeping your Land Rover at its original weight. The EPA testing and mileage estimates for a 2003 Land Rover are based on the assumption that it will carry approximately 300 pounds of passenger and cargo weight. 
  4. Reduce the use of the air conditioning. Increase your MPG by rolling down the window instead of running the air conditioner at its highest level.
  5. Get a tune up for the engine. You can improve gas mileage by 4% by getting a tune-up. Something as simple as a faulty oxygen sensor can cause decreased MPG.
  6. Check the tires. Not only are properly inflated tires safer, but they can also save you 3% on the fuel economy.
  7. Follow air filter and motor oil recommendations. Because of the year of your Land Rover, you need to watch the air filter carefully. Replace it as soon as it becomes dirty. Always use the recommended grade of oil. Using 5W-30 motor oil when your vehicle requires 10W-30 motor oil will affect your gas mileage. 

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