How To Improve Physical Intimacy With Your Girlfriend

If you are wondering how to improve physical intimacy with your girlfriend, you are likely not alone. This is a major issue in most relationships due to the differences between men's and women's needs. If you are wanting to improve physical intimacy with your girlfriend, then you may not be satisfied they way things are between you, so take a look at these tips and see what might work for your situation.

  1. Pick up the slack. If you are living together, start doing more house chores. You may think this is unrelated to improving physical intimacy with your girlfriend, but if your woman feels like she is doing the majority of the work around the house (even if she isn't), then she isn't going to feel like doing more chores between the sheets. If she feels refreshed and like she has more energy at the end of the day, you are much more likely to have a good experience once the lights go down. This may not sound like fun advice since the work doesn't occur in bed, but it's possibly the easiest and the most overlooked tip for improving intimacy with your live-in girlfriend. You may be very surprised with how much she appreciates your help and wants to pay you back.
  2. Encourage her to share her sexual fantasies. Don't just try to fish this information out of her so you can enjoy acting them out with her, though. Take some time with your girlfriend when you're both relaxed and alone together and ask if she has ever had any fantasies or dreams she's never told anyone about. This may improve physical intimacy that very night, but it may take time. This is touchy territory, so if she doesn't want to share, don't push it. This isn't the time to share with her about your dreams of a threesome if she hasn't brought it up first. Make it about her and helping her to explore her own sexuality. It might be hard to hide how much you want her fantasies to mirror yours, but if you focus on her and avoid any pressure, it will help her open her mind up to new possibilities in the future. A time investment now can pay off in the future in some great, exciting ways toward more physical intimacy with your girlfriend.
  3. Confuse her. If you're stuck in a bedroom rut with your girlfriend anyway, instead of pushing the physical intimacy in a direction that's not working, turn it around. Purposely decide to only give her a foot massage, and then don't try to follow through. If you can make your girlfriend feel both attended to and left wanting, then you may find her coming to you in new ways and breaking an old pattern. In order to improve physical intimacy with her, give her that foot massage by washing her feet in hot water, rubbing in some massage oil while she's resting on her stomach, and then gently suck on a toe or two before you finish, kiss the center of her feet, and then leave to clean up the kitchen.

If these tips doesn't work to improve physical intimacy with your girlfriend immediately, just keep up with all these tips and it won't be long before the rut in your relationship turns into a great big hump!

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