How To Improve Sex

Anyone can learn how to improve sex so that they can enjoy sex even more. Sex plays a very important role in the bonding of partners and should be both fulfilling plus satisfying. Having a good sexual relationship will leave both participants satisfied. If your sex life is lacking luster and you want more out of it ,the answers might be right under your nose. Refer to the strategy below for techniques to improve sex.

You will need:

  • Incense.
  • Massage oils.
  • Music.
  • Colored light bulbs.
  1. Extend foreplay. Make sex with your partner a lifestyle. You should be in a constant state of foreplay and seduction, touch her softly as you pass her and say sexy things about her. Tell her what you want to do to her sexually in detail to keep her in the mood. Play sexy foot games with your partner under the dinner table or on the sofa when you two are watching television. Send your partner sexy text messages when the two of you are apart to make your bond tighter and improve sex later.
  2. Be more spontaneous. Your new and improved sex lifestyle must not be predictable. Enter the bathroom when your partner is in the shower or tub, join her, and gently wash her all over. When she comes into the bedroom from another room, be waiting for her with a surprise that will widen her eyes. Wake your sleeping partner in the middle of the night for hot sex.
  3. Set the mood. The bedroom is you and your partner's playground, and creating the right mood will improve your sex life. Use a red, green, yellow or any color light bulb other than white. Burn incense, play new age music and give each other warm oil massages for at least and hour before you have sex. Your playground should also include plants.
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