How To Improve Sexual Endurance

Your health and exercising may not be important to you now, but it will be when you realize that’s how to improve sexual endurance. Your stamina is way down, whenever you have sex it’s seems like an intensive workout that you can’t handle, just after the first five minutes. Of course there’s nothing wrong with breaking a little sweat after a good love making session, but not when it first starts. Sex is suppose to be fun and exciting, but if it’s over before it really begins then you need to get your endurance up and here’s how.

To improve sexual endurance you will need:

  • Patience
  • Exercise
  • Good eating habits
  • Stamina
  1. First you may want to change your diet, if you want to get your libido up. Stop eating foods that make your tired and sluggish such as fast foods, sugary foods and sodas. Try eating more fruits and vegetables lean meats and fish. This is a good way to build-up your sexual endurance and make sure to take a multivitamin.
  2. Alcohol and cigarettes is a buzz kill for anything. If you do one or both try to stop or limit the amount you do. Cigarettes cause shortness of breathe, so when you are already breathing heavy from trying to have sex that just makes it even harder to keep up “no pun intended.”  Alcohol does relaxes and it is a stimulant to arouses sexual desires, but too much alcohol can suppress those same desires, where you can’t function properly, making your endurance go now. So try to limit your intake of them both.
  3. Exercise plays a key factor in increasing your sexual endurance. If you are not actively exercising than you may want to take it a bit slower. Start by taking long brisk walks at least three times a week, when you feel your endurance increasing try jogging at least once a week.
  4. Drinking plenty of fluids will also help to strengthen your body. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day will help to improve your overall health. When your health improves than your sexual endurance level will rise. Sports drinks are not high in sugar so they will also help to condition your body.
  5. Muscular strength training is also important in increasing your sexual endurance. Since you are already doing cardio which is the running and jogging. You now want to tone and strengthen the muscles; for those unusual sexual positions you may find yourself in. You can use free weights are whatever type of workout equipment that is available to you. As your muscles get stronger so will your sexual endurance.

If you overweight or unhealthy for the sake of your health, you may want to consult with a physician before starting any type of workout regimen, to see what is best for you. Once you start eating healthy and working out you will start to see a big difference in the way you look and feel. Your sexual performance will definitely be on the rise and your sex partner will surely thank you.

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