How To Improve Singing

Whether performing in a concert, singing humbly at church or belting the occasional “Happy Birthday” tune, you may want to learn how to improve your singing. While those who make their living singing may hire the services of a vocal coach, the average person who sings in the shower or the car will not engage in such spending. The casual singer can practice a few simple techniques to improve singing without spending hundreds of dollars on hiring a vocal coach and taking singing lessons.

  1. Lift your arms out from your body. Hold your arms slightly forward and out to the sides to allow your lungs and ribcage to fully expand while you sing. Doing this will allow you to hold notes longer and avoid stopping for deep breaths.
  2. Avoid tension in the body by practicing good posture while singing. Stand or sit straight with your shoulders back, chin down and feet shoulder-width apart. Tension in your body causes difficulty when attempting to sing.
  3. Practice proper breathing techniques. To improve singing, breath deeply and push your stomach out as you inhale. When you do this you completely fill your lungs. As you sing, you will exhale and deflate your stomach, pulling it in slowly at the bottom of your rib cage to control the tone or your singing voice.
  4. Sing at the level most comfortable to you. Instead of singing too softly out of shyness or too loud out of boastfulness, try singing at the natural volume of your voice. When you sing at this natural volume, your throat and lungs feel relaxed and never constricted.
  5. Avoid smoking cigarettes or using other smoking products, whether legal or illegal. Smoking causes damage to the throat and lungs that makes your voice deeper, raspier and causes you to lack lung capacity and cough. To improve singing, quit smoking or using other smoking products.
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