How To Improve Speed Of Dell Computers

Whether you have a new or old Dell computer, you may want know how to improve the speed of Dell computers. There are a few different ways to go about this.  There are some tools built in to your computer to help speed it up first.  Here are some steps to take to speed up your computer:

Disk defragmenting is a common way to speed up computers.  This works by moving information on the hard drive of the computer closer together to speed up the time it takes to access this information.  

  1. To use this tool, open My Computer or Computer.   
  2. Right Click the drive labelled C: and select Properties.  
  3. Go to the tools tab.  
  4. Select the option to defragment now and run the tool.  

Disk Cleanup is another tool you can run to speed up your computer.  This tool can be found by opening My Computer or Computer.  

  1. Right click the drive called C: again and select Properties.  
  2. Under the general tab, select disk clean up and allow the program to load.  
  3. It will scan for files that are not needed.  Select any file types that are found that you don't need.  
  4. Most of the time you can check all of the boxes in the list.  Then click OK and let the program run.  

Closing or uninstalling programs that you don't need can be helpful.  Sometimes these program run in the background while you're working and slow down the computer.  Check for programs that you may have installed but don't need anymore in the Programs list under the start menu.  


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