How To Improve Sperm Quality

Are you trying to make your wife pregnant and need to learn how to improve sperm quality? This is on many men's minds when they are having difficulty getting their wife pregnant. A lot of times low sperm counts will decrease your chances of getting someone pregnant. However, there are ways to increase your sperm quality and give you the chance to get your wife pregnant. Listed below you will find ways to help increase sperm quality and hopefully give you and your wife that little bundle of joy you desperately want.

  1. Have more sex. Having lots of sex increases your chances of not having dense semen. Leave a three day gap between ejaculating twice. This helps to build up your semen again for the next round.
  2. Cut out bad habits. Stop smoking, drinking and drugs. All of these decreases your sperm count in so many ways. With all of these habits your estrogen levels rise instead of decreasing.
  3. Eat foods that are good for you. Vegetables, fruits and meats are all food that will increase your sperm count. Reduce coffee and sodas, and avoid any spicy or hot foods.
  4. Reduce your stress level. Rest and relaxation will help your sperm count. Take a walk or take time out for just yourself will give you the rest and relation you need.
  5. Have sex in mornings and nighttime. Sperm levels are higher during these times. This will increase your chances of getting your wife pregnant.
  6. Keep testicles cool. Wear loose fitting clothing. Tight clothes constrict your penis and does not allow good blood flow to the penis. Wear boxers instead of briefs and do not take hot baths or enter into a hot tub.



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