How To Improve Television Reception

Many people often want to know how to improve television reception on their television units. It can range from simple steps to improve television reception, to more complicated ones. The general rule of thumb is to start with the most simple scenarios and eliminate those first, working up to more difficult issues.

  1. Check all cables and connections to the television. Television reception can be interrupted by loose cables or connections. This is the most common issue for television reception and one of the most easily corrected issues.
  2. Check all connections at the antenna or cable/satellite box. Just like with the television cables, tightening loose cables on an antenna or cable/satellite box can improve television reception.
  3. Install a signal booster on your antenna. Signal boosters aren't expensive and can improve television reception by improving the signal reception from the antenna.
  4. Buy an attenuator. This device can be installed on your television line and reduce signal overload which will increase television reception.
  5. Purchase a digital television box. Digital signals are stronger than analog and will improve television reception.


  • If the antenna still isn't getting a strong enough signal it can be boosted by attaching speaker wire to it or attaching and old metal coat hanger. This will help strengthen the signal and improve television reception.
  • If the television is connected to a splitter then the signal might be too weak and a stronger splitter should be used.
  • A signal that is too strong will also interrupt reception. If none of these steps work try to reduce the signal strength with a weaker booster.



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