How To Improve Your Forehand In Tennis

Learning how to improve your forehand in tennis is much easier than you might think. While few people would dare to argue that having a killing forehand is essential in tennis, many people still fall short in this all important skill area. Why? Because people do not know how to improve their tennis forehand. While it may seem difficult to some, fear not, it's in fact very simple to improve your tennis forehand. This article will cover a step by step process to help you improve your forehand in tennis.

  1. Learn the right poses. It does not matter what kind of ball your trying to hit (flat or topspin). Without a good pose before you hit the ball, you cannot produce a good result. Standing in the correct pose is important. You want to stand in an upright position facing slightly to your right.
  2. Know where you power comes from. While it may be obvious to you that power comes from your arm when you hit a forehand, this is only partially true. About 30 to 50 percent of the power should also come from your back and legs. Make sure that you simultaneously twist your back and jump forward with your leg while your arm is swing forward. This will go a long way in helping to improve your tennis forehand.
  3. Run faster. If you can get to a better forehand position earlier in the volley, you will actually have more time to prepare your next shot, which in turns improve your forehand in tennis. You should always incorporate running drills into part of your training.
  4. Be consistent. Consistency is perhaps the final goal in improving your tennis forehand. To accomplish this you should practice with someone who is also very consistent, or invest in a ball machine.
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