How To Improve Your Three Point Shooting In Basketball

How to improve your three point shooting in basketball involves form, consistency, and practice. Basically, you will not improve your three point shot in basketball without a sound shooting motion and practice, with the ability to consistently knock down the shot. Take the following considerations into account to improve your three point shot in basketball.

  1. Reevaluate your shooting form. It may seem like a broken record, but it's true. You need to keep working on your form in order to weed out any errors in your shooting stroke. Have someone who knows basketball to watch your release, legs, and other components of the shot; this may help you identify problems with your shooting.
  2. Develop consistency. Consistency is important. After all, being a streaky shooter is not very conducive to being a solid three-point threat. Ground in the form and work on your shooting to help it be more consistent.
  3. Practice when you're tired. One of the best ways to develop consistency is to work on your shot when you're tired. This is the point when bad habits start to develop. Make sure you work on these when you're tired so that you learn how to fight through fatigue and execute your three point shot.
  4. Make the minor adjustments. You will have to make adjustments when you're not developing power or when your shot is too flat.  Developing a higher arc may seem simple, but it can have some nice results when executed.  Don't be afraid to add useful improvements as well to those things that aren't affecting your shot consistency.  For instance, you should always work on developing a quicker release.
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