How to Increase Alcohol Tolerance

So, you're tired of being a lightweight and you want to know how to increase alcohol tolerance. First, ask yourself why you want to increase your tolerance. Are you unconscious after four drinks, or are you just trying to get your limit from ten drinks to fifteen drinks? It's totally unnecessary to increase your alcohol tolerance if you can already down a six pack with no problems. Now, if you have two drinks and you can barely walk, that's when it's acceptable to want to increase your alcohol tolerance. Lucky for you, it's a very easy thing to do.

  1. Drink slowly. The best way to increase alcohol tolerance is to start drinking earlier in the night. Drink a beer an hour, then another beer in the second hour. You will notice that you feel the affects of the alcohol, but you are much more clear-headed than if you drank both beers in a short time frame. Over time, your body will learn how to better metabolise the effects of the alcohol.
  2. Drink more often. The reason your alcohol tolerance is low is either because you don't drink as often as the people around you, or because you weigh less than them. Neither of these reasons should be embarrassing. If you want to increase your tolerance, drink more often. Don't get drunk often, but have a few beers several nights a week. `
  3. Drink water between drinks. Think about it. You flush your body of some alcohol whenever you stay hydrated and you go to the bathroom. If you keep this balance, you will find that you can drink more than you can otherwise.
  4. Fake it. At a party with mixed drinks, fill a cup until it's half-full. Fill the rest with water. This will keep you in the party longer, with a fully functioning brain. It will also slow your alcohol intake, which will increase your tolerance.

When you're looking to increase alcohol tolerance, remember that your brain's tolerance for alcohol can increase, but your liver's tolerance remains the same. The higher your tolerance, the more damage you will be doing to your liver. Don't overdo it. Just remember- increasing alcohol tolerance is only recommended if you're really having a hard time going to a party and controlling yourself after a few drinks. Don't try to increase your tolerance if you drink five drinks already and you're looking to up the ante. It's not healthy.

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