How to Increase Appetite

There is many factors to why your appetite may not be up to scratch, so learning about how to increase your appetite is just part of the puzzle, in regards to your optimum health.

Firstly, if it is a new thing that your appetite has decreased, then please see your Doctor for a check up.  If the underlying issues are deeper than say your metabolism, it is important you seek medical attention to address your foundation first.

There is no natural remedy as successful in increasing your appetite than exercise and fresh air.  But somehow, I think you guys know that, and are asking for more from me. Ok, if you want to increase your appetite here are some things you should and shouldn’t do:


  1. Don’t: eat too much protein.  It’s very filling, and although it is excellent for your brain and energy, too much has your appetite squelched, leaving you little or no room for those bulky carbs.
  2. Don’t: eat too much acidy foods, such as oranges, lemons limes etc.  All the juices in your stomach sit there for long periods having you comfortably full for long periods of time.
  3. Don’t: Make it a painstaking task.  Eat your favorite foods as well as those clean, fresh nutritional foods.  If you are trying to stuff yourself with tasteless shakes and the like, then you won’t endure it for long.  Increase your success rate by bringing the joy back into food.
  4. Do: Eat until you are full.  Our stomach size dictates how much we can fit in there at a time.  So if you eat up until you are full and then some, you will gradually stretch your stomach.  Don’t eat until you want to puke. To increase your appetite eat until you are very full.
  5. Do: Include coconut milk as a fluid. Coconut milk is loaded with healthy saturated fat and increases your calorie intake substantially.  Same with adding olive oil and nuts to your meals/snacks, they are all safe healthy sources to adding to your calorie intake.
  6. Do: Eat a diet of high carbohydrates, moderate protein, and high fat daily.

Listen up people, at the end of the day, don’t do anything to yourself that is jeopardizing your health.  Excess in anything should always be avoided.  Our main focus should always be about our health, not our looks…just putting it out there.

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