How To Increase Bowling Ball Speed

Knowing how to increase bowling ball speed can come in handy in competitions. It helps if you are able to have a  large amount of control over how your bowling ball moves. Changing the speed of a bowling ball all resides in the swing. If you do a few things to adjust the way in which you swing and stand as you release a bowling ball then you will be able to increase the ball's speed in no time.

  1. Maintain a good balance. When you are holding the bowling ball one side of your body will experience a shift in weight. It is your job to keep your body balanced and maintain a sense of normalcy. This includes keeping your arm balanced and still as you are about to throw the ball.
  2. Hold your bowling ball up higher than usual. Holding the bowling ball above the normal height in which you hold it is used as a key way of increasing the bowling ball's speed. Your swing should now be focused upward and outward with your arm fully lengthened. As you move your arm forward to release the ball remember to follow through completely.
  3. Loosen up. If your body is tense and stiff chances are that the ball will not be going any faster anytime soon. Loosen up your muscles and this will help to create a energy in your body that is transferred to the ball. Once you are no longer tense and stiff you will be able to witness a dramatic increase in the bowling ball's speed.
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