How To Increase Jogging Speed

Learning how to increase jogging speed is a long, slow process that requires much devotion and work on your part. You will need to push yourself while jogging and work up your body's endurance and strength to achieve your goals. The following is some advice on how to increase jogging speed.

  1. First, jog daily. Start running short distances. When you are able, push yourself to increase the distance that you jog. Try to minimize walking; attempt to maintain a steady jogging pace, which will itself increase as you maintain frequent jogging outings that get longer and longer.
  2. Next, hit the gym and work your upper body. Your chest, arms, and back have a lot to do with jogging. They often get tired from the activity. Work the muscles in these parts of your body stronger, so that they can endure more.
  3. Go to the gym and do leg and lower body workouts. Try to get into a habit of at least once a week doing strengthening exercises such as squats, lunges, leg presses, and calf exercises. At least once a week do plyometrics, which include jumping exercises to build your muscles' explosiveness. Try to work yourself up to the point of being able to go to the gym several days a week, getting in an upper body, lower body, and plyometric jumping (such as box jumps, squat jumps, and more) workout each week. Do these workouts on different days, all while practicing your jogging.
  4. Over time, as you continue jogging (which can be a great warm up for the gym) and going to the gym, you will significantly build up both your endurance and your strength. You will begin to see results and your jogging speed will increase.

Learning how to increase jogging speed is a process that requires serious devotion. Do not expect to have it happen overnight, but rather, keep working hard. After weeks or months, you will see results.

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