How To Increase Male Sex Drive

If you are suffering with a sluggish libido, learn how to increase male sex drive. The media likes to portray men as sex-crazed and always ready to go. While that may be true in some cases, especially when you are a hormonal teen, many factors can cause the male sex drive to go down. Some reasons for a low male sex drive include aging, low testosterone levels, depression and performance anxiety. To increase male sex drive, it's important to first determine the cause of the lack of desire.

  1. Eat a healthy diet. One way to increase male sex drive is to lose body fat. In particular, lose fat around the abdomen. This fat inhibits the production of testosterone, which reduces sex drive. Also, extra weight likely makes you feel less confident in the bedroom which can also lower sex drive. Focus on a diet that is very low in sugar, moderate in carbohydrates and lots of lean protein.
  2. Workout regularly. Exercising has many benefits to increase male sex drive. Not only can it help get rid of that pesky abdominal fat, but it also gives you endorphins which reduces depression. As depression can lead to a low libido, helping lift that will increase male sex drive. Perform aerobic exercise and strength-training both. Aim to workout four to six times per week.
  3. Reduce alcohol consumption. Not only can alcohol add pounds to your frame, but can lead to performance issues. Reduce consumption to one to two drinks, beers or glasses of wine per week.
  4. Visit the doctor. Get a full health screening that includes testing testosterone levels, as well as a depression screening. Discuss medication that might help. The doctor may prescribe medication such as Viagra. Keep in mind that while Viagra will help you get and keep an erection, it may not increase male sex drive unless the reason behind it is performance anxiety.
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