How To Increase Mazda RX-8 Horsepower

This article can give you some insight into how to increase Mazda RX-8 horsepower. The Mazda RX-8 is a very unique vehicle because of its Renesis rotary engine design. Unlike traditional internal combustion engines that use cylinders to turn the engine, the rotary engine uses a circular plate to turn the camshaft. In turn this reduces the power that is lost during the up and down transition that a normal cylinder must make, providing extremely efficient engine power.

To increase your Mazda RX-8 horsepower, you will need:

  • An RX-8 performance chip
  • An RX-8 cat-back exhaust system
  • An RX-8 cool air intake system
  • A turbocharger kit for the RX-8
  1. Replace the computer chip for your Mazda RX-8. This is one of the most basic upgrades that you can make to any vehicle. Replacing a computer chip fine-tunes all of the electronic operations on the vehicle for ultimate efficiency and power and can give you a small increase in horsepower and speed.
  2. Free up the exhaust. It's a general rule that more free-flowing exhaust means the vehicle has more power. The same applies to the Mazda RX-8. The faster that you can remove exhaust from your engine, the more horsepower it can produce.
  3. Free up the intake air. Much like exhaust, a more free-flowing intake also increases a vehicle's horsepower by a noticeable margin. This is especially true for the RX-8 since the engine's peak horsepower comes from high revs.
  4. Bolt on a turbocharger. Instead of bothering upgrading the intake and exhaust of your Mazda RX-8, you can bolt on a turbo charger. Forced air induction, like a turbo charger, will give you more horsepower for your money than any other addition to your RX-8. Note that running high compression ratios with a turbo installed can wear out your vehicle faster since the engineers didn't design the RX-8 with a turbo in mind. Consider finding another car for use as your everyday driving vehicle.
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