How To Increase Mazda Rx8 Horsepower

If you are wondering how to increase Mazda RX-8 horsepower, then this article will point you in the correct direction. The Mazda RX-8 is a very different kind of car, and that's not just because it looks like it's from the future. The Mazda RX-8 engine is a special design that very few vehicle manufacturers have used before. It's called a Wankel Rotary engine. Instead of having cylinders, the RX-8 engine has a plate that spins inside the combustion chamber. Three plugs fire the plate in a circle, resulting in no loss of energy like with a standard cylinder engine.

To increase Mazda RX-8 horsepower, you will need:

  • Aluminum RX-8 engine components
  • A cold air intake
  • A supercharger or turbocharger
  1. Make the engine parts lighter. Although Mazda has done a fairly good job of this, replacing certain engine parts with lightweight aluminum parts can increase the horsepower of your RX-8. Search for performance parts to fit your RX-8.
  2. Cool the intake air. Installing a cold air intake can allow a richer, colder fuel and air mixture to enter the combustion chamber, creating more power. It is easy to install a cold air intake and you will have a noticeable horsepower increase, not to mention a nicer sound, when you punch the gas.
  3. Force more air into the cylinder. If you want to see a tremendous increase in RX-8 horsepower, then you need to turbo-charge or supercharge your engine. Each forced air induction system has its advantages and disadvantages. A turbo will make your engine last longer, but you will gain much more off the line torque and horsepower with a supercharger. The only drawback with either one of these upgrades is the hefty price tag and excessive wear and tear to your Mazda RX-8.
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